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mojeprzeloty.pl is the oldest and the biggest website for airline passengers in Poland. Since 2004 we let You know about all the latest aviation news, airlines promos. We show You how to get to the airports. With us You can choose the best airline to fly with.

From: 2004-07-29


sprzedac.pl is a place for everyone interested in marketing and on-line sale.

From: 2006-10-16


Flynatic.com is search engine to find routes served by low cost, no-frills and budget airlines worldwide on many continents (Europe & North America, North & South America, Asia & Australia, Africa). Flynatic.com is available in 6 languages.

From: 2007-01-01


The biggest and only website for prepaid mobile phones owners. You can read the latest news, check the latest promos and compare the prices of mobile operators and mobile phones producers.

From: 2007-12-03


This is website with gossips and celebrities. You can check all the latest news about famous actors, singers and many more celebrities.

From: 2008-02-19


This is a website for all the aviation fans, for Flying Club members and all others that are interested in aviation.

From: 2008-09-01


parkingilotniskowe.pl it's a reservation system that lets You book a place on one of the off-parkings situated near the airports. Those parkings are a cheaper alternative to the “main” and official parking places at the airports.

From: 2008-10-01


OsiedlaMieszkaniowe.pl it's a search engine that lets You find Real Estate flats and houses – both the ones that are "ready to buy" and the ones that are being built.

From: 2008-10-13


The site offers variety of on-line games available in many categories. You can play whichever game you want to. Just play them and have a lot of fun!

From: 2008-12-21


transferylotniskowe.pl is an polish airport transfer reservation website for the main Polish and overseas airports (currenlty Berlin and Dresden).

From: 2009-07-01