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PocketOptimized.com is Internet service offering database of useful mini websites that can be accessed by pocket devices like cell phones, smart phones or mobile computers.

Every mobile site added to catalogue is researched and verified by editors who guarantee its maximal usefulness. Mobile mini sites are available in 3 languages - also in English. All sites are under one web address PocketOptimized.com and are divided into 24 topic categories (like business, finance, travel, technology, education, news etc.)

Nowadays PocketOptimized.com offer access to over 500 sites and mobile services in English, German and Polish. Access to most of them are free with help of WAP, i-mode, AvantGo or mobile browsers.

PocketOptimized.com has also mobile version under www.PocketOptimized.com/pda/. It is worth adding this link to Favorites in your mobile device in their web browser or put them as start page. It is also worth subscribing to free newsletter with help of it you will be well informed about new mobile sites and services.

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