now also available in Russian language version

2007-11-08, the search engine for itineraries offered by low-cost airlines all around the world, is now available in seven language versions. Russian language version has just been added to Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian and French language versions functioning so far.

"The main assumption we followed when creating the search engine was to provide the users with free and very efficient tool, facilitating the itinerary search and trip planning. The addition of the seventh, Russian language version, is another, but not the last step made in order to increase the service’s functionality and its attractiveness for users all around the world," says Marcin Kryska, the author and owner of

The search engine is characterised by its simplicity, user-friendliness and quick search. An Internaut names only the place of departure (country, city, airport) and the destination, and then they are given a list of cheap air connections matching their enquiry. There are no aggressive advertisements and useless information - but, in turn, there is a practical tool, which facilitates the itinerary search and flight planning. The search engine also suggests alternative flights from nearby airports. One click (on the chosen suggestion of flight connection) connects the user with the airline website or with the booking system of the specific carrier, where one can book the flight straight away.

Currently, the base of 120 low-cost airlines flying from over a thousand of airports in almost 140 countries is being searched when using the

"Although the lack of liberalisation in the air transport industry in Russia or Ukraine makes it difficult for low-cost airlines to enter the local market, some of the low-cost carriers are operating there. It is worth to take advantage of it, saving money with every flight. The more so as the majority of the Internet booking websites do not show and do not offer low-cost airlines’ flights at all - thus, before any flight it is worth to visit," adds Marcin Kryska.

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