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At the begining of this year we launched a new budget airlines routes search engine - Flynatic.com. The database includes budget airlines in Europe and worldwide.

"You do not have to know the names of all budget airlines by heart in order to browse their websites and find the flights we you are interested in. There is no need to waste time on keeping in touch with all the recent changes (opening services on new routes and cancelling other routes) - all the connections and schedules on our website are updated on a daily basis." - according to Marcin Kryska - the originator and owner of Flynatic.com

Flynatic.com is very simple to use and search for flights. All that you have to do is choose your departure and arrival airports and within seconds you will see a list of flights corresponding to your search. There is no agressive advertising, no unnecessary load - it is a very pratcical and free tool that makes it easy to search for flight routes and planning your flights. The search engine also gives you the opportunity to look for alternative routes (for example from nearby airports). You are just one click away from being forwared to an airline company website or a reservation engine of a given carrier, where you can personally book your tickets.

"Usually the online booking systems do not give you the opportunity to book a ticket from a budget airline. Thanks to Flynatic.com you will not miss those flights, therefore, you will not miss your chance to save some money, as the budget airlines offer tickets on discounted prices." according to Mr Kryska.

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